Have you been driving Peterbilt 379 for years and are curious about trading in for a 389? The differences between these two Peterbilt models are few but important. Of course, you need to know the differences to make an informed purchase; so what are they?

The differences between a 379 and 389 Peterbilt are simple and effective.

  • The 389 includes a SmartNav consul
  • This truck weighs 150 pounds less than the 379.
  • Its fuel mileage is reduced by 4%.The hood is 4” longer than the 379.
  • It has improved visibility with headlights that are 230% more effective.
  • The radiator is bigger than previously in the 379.
  • The 389 is a straightforward upgrade with the same high quality of the 379.

Peterbilt discontinued production of the 379 in 2007 in order to focus on its successor, the 389. Although experienced drivers have felt right at home in the new model, you will still want to know exactly what you’re buying with the 389.

What Do the 379 and 389 Peterbilt Have in Common?

If you are looking for a truck with the same feel of the 379, you are in luck! On average, the reviewers of the 389 are extremely pleased with the upgrade, and they speak highly of it’s consistency in feel and drive to the 379.

The structure of the cab is the same in both models, however the 389’s cab sits slightly higher and has a more streamline design to ensure better air flow.

The look of both models is so similar that some people have trouble telling them apart. The aluminum hoods are almost identical, with the exception of the 4” of extra length and the retro curved headlights of the 389. 

Both models have included the foremost engines, creating powerful and reliable trucks.

What is a 389 Peterbilt?

The Peterbilt 389 is an on-highway truck made by the well known and much revered Peterbilt company. The 389 is modern, aerodynamic, and a favorite of truck drivers around the country.

Equipped with SmartNav technology, this truck allows the operator to drive with confidence with a state of the art navigation, bluetooth, voice control, and even recommendations for routes customized to the size and weight of the individual truck.

It has the newest engine: the PACCAR MX-13. Instead of drum brakes, the 389 has air discs to provide better stopping power, creating a safer truck that is easier on the brakes. The 389 was first made for circulation in 2006 to replace the former 379 model. The differences between the two models are minimum, the 389 is solely a refurbished version of the 379.

Differences Between the 379 and the 389 Peterbilt

Though the differences between the two trucks may seem minute, the difference is tangible to a knowledgeable driver.

Feature 379 389
BBC Length 127” 131”
Engine Weight 2,890 lbs 2,600 lbs
Headlights Basic Headlights Improved for Visibility
More Aerodynamic
Filter Gauge None Diesel Particulate Filter Gauge
Technology None SmartNav

With the new longer length, the lighter weight, the improved headlights, and new technologies, the 389 is an impressively enhanced 379.

How Much Does a 2022 389 Peterbilt Cost?

While a brand new 2022 389 Peterbilt will cost over $200,000, there are a variety of older models from the last five years that are available for as low as $120,000.

Of course, in buying a model 379, it would inevitably have been made before 2006, and although it may be a bargain, the upgrades in the 389 make it worth the driver’s while.

Along with the other several difference mentioned, when you pay for a 389, you’re improving your driving experience from the 379 with a few major differences:

  • Easily adjustable steering wheel to better see the gauges.
  • The new diesel particulate filter gauge to know when the filter needs to be changed.
  • The steer axle has longer springs, decreasing the ride height of the trailer.

Now that you know each and every difference between the 379 and 389 Peterbilt, you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re ready for a change!


While the distinctions between the 379 and 389 may not be numerous, they certainly are important to know. We all know Peterbilt makes dependable trucks, but when it comes to the model, the subtle differences are crucial to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Be sure and read other driver’s reviews before purchasing and get to know your new truck before you invest! The 389 absolutely has the newest technology, a sleek hood, a powerful engine, and a comfortable cabin. This should make your decision just a little easier when deciding between the 379 and 389 Peterbilts!